The twins. The black line is the Time

The twins. The black line is the Time

Conceptual Foundation: The photo series "The Twins. The black line is the Time." is a profound exploration of the duality and synchronicity within photographic moments, inspired by the philosophical musings of Roland Barthes in "Camera Lucida." The series, conceptualized in 1989, delves into the elusive pursuit of the "philosopher's stone" of punctum, a term coined by Barthes to describe the poignant, subjective detail within a photograph that evokes an emotional response from the observer.

Artistic Process:
The series is constructed from meticulously examined contact binders, where frames of film are segmented into six-frame pieces and printed on a 24x30 cm sheet of photographic paper using the contact method. This method allows for the discovery of "twins," or duplicate images that represent parallel realities within the photographic realm.

The black line present between the twin images is a powerful symbol, representing the temporal divide between the birth of these twin realities. It is a visual metaphor for the passage of time and the transient nature of moments, emphasizing the ephemeral nature of existence and perception.

Discovery and Intuition:
The process of identifying twins is not predetermined or scheduled; instead, it is an intuitive recognition of synchronicity within the contact sheets. Out of hundreds of takes, only a select few reveal themselves as twins, embodying the rarity and preciousness of such moments. In this series, twenty pairs of twins were discovered, with only thirteen surviving, symbolizing the fragility and impermanence of art and memory.

Visual Aesthetic:
The visual composition of the series is characterized by the juxtaposition of twin images, separated by the defining black line. The series plays with the contrast and balance between light and shadow, reality and reflection, exploring the nuanced relationships between seemingly identical moments. The aesthetic is minimalistic yet profound, inviting the observer to contemplate the deeper meanings and emotions encapsulated within each pair.

Philosophical Undertone:
Influenced by Barthes' exploration of photography's ability to capture the essence of a moment, this series is a philosophical inquiry into the nature of reality, time, and perception. It questions the existence of parallel realities and the subjective interpretation of moments, encouraging the observer to reflect on the transient and elusive nature of time.

"Twins. Black Line - Time" is a thought-provoking photo series that merges philosophical inquiry with artistic expression, exploring the intricate dance between duality and synchronicity. It is a visual meditation on time, existence, and the subjective experience of reality, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of introspection and discovery, to perceive the unseen and to feel the unspoken. The series is not just a collection of photographs but a philosophical exploration of the essence of photography and the transient nature of life.